The Craft Company, Cascais

The Craft Company is a small shop in the historic center of Cascais, on two floors with about 40m2 each. Initially there were three “nicely” fitted.

The yarn store invites us to a journey in time, the meeting between the modern and the classic. That was the customer's goal and was the principle for the development of the project.

The first phase was a challenge between the simplicity of intervention within the space required and the desire that the products and store image had proper protagonism.

With different activities, including store and workshops, the distribution of space was clear. The store is on the ground floor and the warehouse and workshops are placed in the basement.

The surprise of the intervention is the contrast between the warm and cozy space on the shop floor by the street, and the white and barren floor space in the basement where natural light is scarce but the high ceilings create the illusion of amplitude.

In the basement, a multipurpose space, open daily and related, is always a colorful warehouse store and a work room for sewing classes.

At the entrance floor, the store lives a long narrowly bookcase and detailed shelves to fit each piece of the huge range of products of a yarn store. The lighting and the simplicity of the space function are the basis for the store's products to achieve their importance by changing the environment with successive changes of colors and textures.

Location Cascais
Project Year 2015
Area 75m2
Colaborators Pedro Serra
Photography Francisco Nogueira