During the early XX century, Setubal engages in a huge increase in the fishing activities and industries which inevitably destroyed the quality of the beach. By this time Av Luisa Todi started to work as a pivot between the historic center and the industrial riverside of Setubal. The complexity and beauty of this avenue stood in the difference between its two sides and garden in the center.

The block where the project is developed is particularly identified by this two environments, with the main building, dated from before 1986, and its surroundings of lower quality constructions.

The complexity of this block and the different ages of construction turns to be the main focus on the strategy for the design development. Considering the main existing building was to be maintained, the increment of one floor was the strategy adopted to achieve a good urban integration with the maximum use of the area available.

The introduction of two new volumes establishes a distinct level to this block and allows the project to use all the area and hight.

The rhythm of the windows and its alignment with the existing building places the new volumes in a permanent relationship with the main building, and also with the architecture present in the avenue. On the other hand, the materials, colors and constructive solutions pretend to be modern and distinct.

The architecture solution is designed to achieve a balanced result between the layouts of the apartments and the maximum possible area.

Setubal | 2018

Area :  4400sqm

Project stage :  Private competition | 2nd place

3D images : VPVA